Released 2nd June 2013

Book Two of the Ruby Celeste series

Captained by Morris Flute, the two-man trade ship Exceptional Luck has lived up to its name—at least until coming under attack in a sprawling floating rainforest. In his last moments, Flute desperately fights to drop a beacon—and then something streaks from the abyss and his world turns black.

Meanwhile, on the Harbinger, Ruby Celeste’s crew are enjoying the height of summer. All except for Francis, who finds himself victimised by the awkward pursuit of Brie Channing, one of the ship’s night-shift technicians. It is her he thinks has woken him one morning; but instead he finds a drone affixed to his window, issuing a brief distress call.

The drone leads to an abandoned weather station and its sole remaining inhabitant, Tesla Wong, who tells of the Exceptional Luck’s beacon. Allured by the promise of rare gemstones, Ruby decides to investigate. Now she and her crew press forward in search of the downed trade ship and its lost cargo. But the Exceptional Luck’s last details were scant, and neither Ruby nor her crew know they are flying straight into danger, destined for conflict with a terrifying beast: the dire kraken.

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