Released January 30th 2016

Book Four of the Ruby Celeste series

“Follow what you see, Inheritor.”

As winter falls, Ruby pushes the Harbinger north. She is searching for a snow-packed island, and with it, answers to her questions. What secrets are contained in the ancient diary left to her? What is the amulet tucked inside? And most important: what is held in the stone ruin Grace told her to pursue?

When a devastating storm wreaks havoc on the Harbinger, unravelling these mysteries becomes just one of Ruby’s concerns. Ship crippled, unable to contact the outside world, the crew are stranded … but not alone.

Now Ruby finds herself thrust into a race against time. Stalked by watchers in the dark, the Harbinger is jeopardised from within, too. A schism threatens to tear apart the chain-of-command: because, to come here and answer her questions, Ruby has lied to her crew. And her deceit will not stay buried forever.

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