Released 20th February 2014

Welcome to the arcade.

Strake-on-Sea’s arcade has been dark for almost a year. But no more: at long last its doors are welcoming once again. And though it’s off-season—it’s only March, after all, and summer won’t be here for another few months—the reopening is cause for excitement among a handful of Strake-on-Sea’s teenaged residents. Residents like Teddy, Dean, and Ellie.

Yet though Teddy and Ellie’s interest is short-lived, Dean finds himself strangely compelled. For within the arcade’s confines, he discovers an odd machine. It appears to have no name, nor even to be functioning at all. But something about it calls to him. Whispers his name.

Now Dean wants to understand. What it is; why it speaks to him. And to do that, he has to play.

YOU WIN is a horror short story.
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